E85 carb jetting

Call for current pricing on any Quick-Fuel product. Live chat by Bold Chat Note: This is only a rough estimator of carb sizing. Volumetric efficiency, gear ratio, compression ratio, valve size and lift, weight of car, convertor stall and other factors may vary the carburetor sizing so before you make your selection always contact us for and speak to a reliable carburetor professional who is familiar with Quick Fuel air flows and the various types and series of carburetors available.

Note: When selecting a Series of carburetor keep in mind that if your select a carburetor that is is too low of a series you may have tuning issues. Selecting a series that is one step above the recommended will not cause tuning issues and in most cases will make the fine tuning easier.

Carburetors are very sensitive to at Idle Vacuum signals and a low vacuum signal may cause the carburetor to run very rich at idle and part throttle cruise.

A excessively rich condition can cause serious engine damage. Now is not the time to try and balance your build budget with a poorly made, mass produced, chrome plated inexpensive carburetor. Get the right one the first time and then drive it like you stole it!

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When you call us be prepared with all the details of your fuel delivery, ignition system and timing events. Based on Cam being correctly chosen based on all engine spec's. With correct Fuel Octane for Compression Ratio.

This requires that the distributor be properly curved and phased to the application and the Vac can set up with limiters. Changes must be made to the ignition timing events to make it run properly even if it's a factory stock engine. When your ready to call us please have as much of the following information as possible :. Gross lift at the valve. Head Type and valve size. Head flow if possible. Current carb type and size. Fuel Pump Brand and Size. Filter types and location in fuel system.

Fuel Line sizes from the cell to the float bowls. Type of distributor Dual or Single plane intake. Headers and tube size. Race Car? Current initial and total timing numbers and what issues you're having. Give us this and we'll give you the optimum Quick Fuel Carb the 1st time. Connect a vacuum gauge to a constant manifold vacuum source and attach it to the dash in plain view, make a pass. At the stripe look at the gauge if it reads more than Complete Quick Fuel Carburetor Catalog. Live chat by Bold Chat.

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How to Calibrate Holley Carburetors for Various Fuel Types

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It's all here in the Tires Category.Today, various sanctioning bodies allow a wide range of fuel specs. In some cases, such as with methanol and E85, mixture quality is also important.

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A simple thing, such as a really effective booster, can easily be 30 hp and 30 ft-lbs on a typical inch racer over one that is not. A Ford 4. However, this Mustang came alive and posted lows for the quarter when a Holley carb replaced the stock fuel injection and it was run on E In this instance the carb was used on a single-plane race manifold and to feed the engine oxygenated gasoline.

This meant appropriately larger jets in the main system. Optimizing the booster spec for a given fuel can mean a lot of dyno testing. Heed the booster advice if a predominantly alcohol blend of fuel is going to be used.

Almost everything covered so far about the selecting, modifying, building, and calibrating your Holley has been for the use of a conventional non-oxygenated gasoline. This chapter focuses on some of the needto-know factors of other fuels you might want to use. Probably more than 99 percent of those reading this book have used oxygenated fuels in their daily driver. Next time you fi ll up, check the labels on the pump. Many have a notice stating that the fuel could have up to percent ethanol blended into it.

An engine equipped with an oxygen sensor feedback fuelinjection system compensates for the fact that a gasoline may contain up to percent ethanol. That, however, is not true for a carbureted engine.

For complete use during combustion of both air and ethanol, the mixture ratio has to be exactly For methanol, the ratio is 6. To get to the stoichiometric ratio for station pump fuel with a percent ethanol mix requires a jet area increase is necessary, as shown in Figure If you are blending gasoline with methanol, the jetting increase needed is greater.Pause Play Play Prev Next One of the keys to tuning for weather is the carburetor setup, jetting in particular. That effectively decreases the available oxygen to feed the engine.

Ignition timing is something else you can use to combat the effects of weather change. As noted in the text, you can increase total timing when the amount of moisture in the air increases. Moist air acts a little bit like water injection, which can hinder detonation. Carburetor spacers can help isolate the carburetor from a hot intake manifold. Even something as simple as the plywood spacers on this dual quad setup will work.

Spark plugs are the key to determining the results of your tuning. The point in this entire exercise is to ensure that you do not lean the engine to the point where it is detonating. The engine runs perfectly on a cool spring day when temperatures and humidity are close to the ideal dyno corrected figures 60 degrees F, Then the dog days of August roll in. The thermometer now reads 96 degrees and track surface temperatures are well into the triple digits.

E85 carb conversion kit has landed. (Getting ready too dive in)

The barometer reads Now that stout motor feels like it lost 90 horsepower. Can you recover some of that lost power? Yes you can, and without having to spend a lot of time and money.

But first, some schooling on what weather does to your engine. Water vapor in the air is better known as humidity. The true amount of water vapor in the air varies with temperature, even if the relative humidity percentages stay constant.

Dew point is a better way to accurately measure water vapor in the air. It is the temperature at which air can no longer hold all of the water vapor, forcing some of it to condense into liquid water. The dewpoint is always lower than or equal to the air temperature. The difference between air temperature and dew point indicates how close the air is to saturation. If air temperature and dew point match, you will see liquid water in the form of dew, fog, or rain.

Good sources for local dew point information are airports close to the track or National Weather Service radio and online reports. Dew point provides a much better gauge of moisture content in the air than the relative humidity percentage in your local weather report.

You can find a detailed explanation on the relationship between dew point and humidity at weathersavvy. Tuning for the Weather There are three inexpensive tuning tools and one driving tool you can use to compensate for changes in weather conditions:. Ignition Timing As dew point and air temperature get closer together there is more moisture in the airyou can increase ignition timing.

An old racing rule of thumb states you can add one degree of timing for every 10 percent increase in humidity, with a maximum of four degrees of extra timing. As we explained above, relative humidity percentages are not an accurate measurement of the amount of water vapor in the air. The best way to determine the right amount of extra timing is to test. Add a set amount of timing, then make a test pass.

Keep an eye on the spark plugs so you can avoid a detonation situation. Keep in mind that engines with flat top pistons are usually more efficient than engines with big honking dome pistons, so flat top motors can get away with less total timing.

Carburetor Jetting Since there are fewer air molecules in a specific volume of warm air than in the same volume of cool air, hot air is less dense and has less oxygen for an engine to burn. Again, the best way to re-jet is to go down one jet number at a time, then test until performance stops improving. Just like higher temperatures, an increase in altitude reduces the amount of molecules in a given volume of air.Welcome to RaceonE Q: Why should I switch to E85?

e85 carb jetting

A: E85 is a renewable fuel source that is also environmentally friendly. Its performance is comparable to race gas at a fraction of the cost. Your engine will run cooler and your ETs will be less affected by atmospheric changes. E85 is not corrosive like methanol and does not leave carbon deposits like gas so maintenance is reduced across the board. With the proper tune-up your oil stays looking like new. Q: What is the difference in ethanol and methanol?

A: Both fuels have an excellent intake air charge cooling effect. Ethanol grain or ethyl alcohol is a biofuel made through the distillation of renewable resources like corn, sugar cane and switch grass. Yes, this is the same process they use to make alcoholic beverages like liquor. Fuel ethanol is proof when produced. Methanol wood alcohol is produced through a chemical process.

Q: What type of performance can I expect from making the switch to E85? A: It has been our experience that E85 with its octane rating and high tolerance to detonation is superior to premium pump gas and equal to and in most cases better than octane race gas.

We picked up a tenth of a second and 2 to 3 miles per hour in the eighth mile after switching to E85 from race gas and our engine runs 20 degrees cooler. A: NO!!!

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We started out on this journey with a complete gasoline system. We switched to E85 at the end of the racing season and to date we have found zero deterioration or corrosion anywhere in our fuel system.

We leave it in the system all the time. Q: How much compression can I run with E85 fuel just the way it comes out of the pump at my local station?

A: This is one question I don't have a concrete answer for. We are running it in engines up to Q: Where can I find E85 in this area? A: You can find E85 in any area by logging onto www. Justus Daniel's '52 Henry J on E Flow must be increased throughout the whole system and fuel curve. Generally speaking one jet size represents a 4.Quick Fuel Technologies offers a wide range of tools to handle this E85 conversion including metering blocks, E85 testing tubes and more.

The QFT kit comes with blocks, gaskets, baffles and even new hardware to make this job as seamless as possible. The instructions note to use the included gaskets as they are approved for Ethanol use, it is a good idea to use the new whistles and bowl screws as well. Now is a good time to inspect the float for any cracks and verify your float arm is functioning correctly.

With the bowl removed, we start by pulling off the block and removing any hardware such as jet extensions or power valve s as well as any leftover gasket material. Invert the float bowl as to allow the float to ride on our seat. Adjust the height of the float so that the mid-line green imaginary line is parallel with the casting lines inside of our bowl. These are sized based off engine vacuum readings.

Vent Whistles should be installed in a downward angle; Interference with bowl possible if installed at an upward angle.

With all of the gasket material removed we can install our new metering block; be sure to transfer over any hardware from our previous block excluding jets. Once we have the baseline established, we can fine tune once our engine is running.

They do not advise changing these unless you are very familiar with the emulsion circuit and how bleed changes affect it. Above we can see a labeled metering block showing the different passages, it is important to install the metering block and main body gaskets on the proper side s. Below we can see properly installed gaskets for reference. We had a. QFT advises we use at least a. Bottom Left: Pictured is our.

e85 carb jetting

Ensure that our pump lever arm is installed on top of the diaphragm lever when reassembling right arrow. Our main jets, hardware, blocks can all be saved for a later date. While you can technically reuse the gaskets, if they sit for an extended period of time it is best to chuck them and install new ones.Without further ado, here are 16 things you need to know to maximize your E-xperience.

Q: What is ethanol?

Convert Your Carb for E85

Ethanol is a fuel created from the distillation of sugar. This fuel comes from renewable resources, such as corn and sugar cane. This fuel has certain advantageous attributes that make it a popular fuel for performance and racing.

Q: What is E85? A: Anytime you see gasoline with an E prefix, that indicates the fuel contains a given percentage of ethanol. So E10 would contain percent ethanol, E30 is percent ethanol by volume and so on. This makes E85 a fuel with percent ethanol and percent gasoline. Along these same lines, E0 would indicate no ethanol is added to the gasoline. A: Ethanol by itself is not corrosive.

E98 will likely contain an average of 0. This is because it is extremely expensive to remove that last bit of water. When ethanol is mixed with sufficient amounts of water, this can cause corrosion, but the effects can be minimized with easy steps such as keeping the fuel tank full when the vehicle is stored.

Ethanol is not an acid and has little effect on aluminum fuel system components. A: Gasoline is most often rated on an anti-knock index AKI that averages both a research and motor octane number. Premium pump gasoline E10 is most commonly found with either 91 or 93 AKI. E85 has an octane rating between and You will read claims that can vary by a tremendous amount. As ethanol becomes a more accepted alternative fuel, you will begin to see more blender pumps that will offer percentages of ethanol like E15, E30 or E Q: Can I pump E85 into the gas tank and run it?

But for a typical late-model car the answer is no without making significant changes to the amount of fuel delivered by the fuel injectors. Q: What is the difference between ethanol and methanol? The other 2-percent is gasoline, so it should definitely not be consumed.

This fuel offers many of the benefits of using alcohol as a fuel with fewer of the negative side effects.

e85 carb jetting

Methanol is often called wood alcohol, or it can be made from natural gas. Methanol is toxic and should not be ingested.

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Methanol also has a lower heat content. However the BTU heat content of methanol is roughly half that of gasoline, which means you have to burn twice as much to make the same heat. Methanol is also more corrosive than ethanol, which is why ethanol is a better choice for street-driven engines. Indy cars prior to used methanol, converted for a short time to E98 and now run E Q: What is denatured alcohol — is that different from ethanol or E85?

A: Both start as ethanol, which is a spirit derived from any number of sources, the common being corn and or grains. Denaturing adds a small percentage of a poison like gasoline to the ethanol to render it toxic to ingest.

This is done to allow its manufacture for purposes other than for human consumption.

Tech Tip: E85 Conversion on a 4150 QFT Carburetor!

Other than the additive, it is usually straight ethanol, although our sources indicate that fuel grade ethanol has impurities like iso-butanol, which will certainly make someone very ill if consumed. Q: Can I just increase the size of the jets in my carburetor and use E85? A: The simple answer is that this probably will not work.

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